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Property Owners


How is the property management fee collected? 10% of gross rents come out of the monthly rent proceeds.

How often will I get a check? Monthly.

Will I be charged while the property is vacant? No. You will not pay any fees until the property is occupied. We may however, bill you for any repairs necessary to get the property rent ready.

Who maintains the property when it is vacant? Once it is made rent ready, we will take over maintenance, but the cost of said maintenance falls to the Owner. All repairs exceeding $300 will be submitted for Owner approval.

Who is responsible for pest control and lawn care? Property Manager will provide the service, however the cost will be the responsibility of the Owner until a tenant is placed in the property.

Do I have to allow pets? No. That is your decision and we will market the property accordingly. But, if the property is vacant for a considerable amount of time, and we get a quality applicant with a pet, we may ask you to reconsider.

What if I want to put the property on the market for sale or rent? We ask that you do both with our company so access to the property will not be hindered and marketing information will not be in conflict.

What if I decide to sell the property while it is occupied by a tenant? You must list it with our office according to the terms of your Management Agreement.

Where do you advertise? Online through our company site and multiple 3rd party sites. We will also have flyers in our office, and a sign at the property.

How do you screen tenants? We have an application process that includes verification of income and rental history.

What happens if the tenant is late with rent? Late fees are collected and kept by Property Manager to cover the cost of mailing certified letters and starting the unlawful detainer process.

Do you inspect the property monthly while occupied by the tenant? No. We strive to do drive by’s and note any and all issues while servicing repairs.

Can I store items in the attic or storage shed of my rent property? Yes. But, we will not warranty the safety of these items and it may greatly influence the ability to rent the property. Most renters, especially military, will need access and use of storage space.

For more information call the office at 334-291-1234