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Potential Tenants

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Is there an application fee? Yes. $40 per applicant or $60 for a married couple

Will they lower the price? Occasionally – But very rarely. Prices are set with Owner before marketing the property.

Can I apply for the property before touring it? Yes. But you must indicate on your application that you have not toured the property, because changing your mind is not a reason for deposit to be returned.

Can I get my fees back if I change my mind at the tour? No. Application fees are non-refundable.

Why can’t I tour multiple properties during my tour appointment? Tours are scheduled as an open tour of the property. You may see the property on the date and time it is open. Multi-property tours can only be scheduled if time allows.

Can you tell me if I’ll qualify before I pay the fee? No. There are too many factors involved. Once the application is processed you will receive an e-mail with the result.

If my application is declined, will I get my application fee returned? No. The application fee is paid out to cover the costs of processing the application, so they are non-refundable.

If my application is declined, can I re-use it for another property so I don’t have to pay another fee? No. Once the application is processed and declined, a new application will have to be processed for a new property.

Do you accept pets? Pets are only accepted with Owner permission. Each property is different as to the number, type, and size of pets allowed, if any. Pets are usually approved or declined through the application process.

What is the pet fee? Fees are based on number of pets, type, and size. These fees are quoted by the Owner during the application process.

Is there a pet fee if my pet stays outside? Yes. Pet fees not only cover inside damage, but also damage done to lawns, landscaping, exterior doors, exterior siding, fences, etc.

How much is the deposit? In most cases the deposit is equal to the monthly rent amount.

Can I move in today if I bring the deposit and rent? No. We don’t own the houses. So, we have to process the application, get paperwork signed, and prep the house for move-in. The tenant also has responsibilities they have to honor before move-in. So it is impossible to move in the same day.

Can I transfer my deposit to another property if I change my mind before move-in? No. When you pay your deposit, the property is pulled from advertising. If you change your mind, we turn the deposit over to the Owner to compensate for the cost of lost advertising time and loss of potential tenants due to the delay.

Can I set the day my payment is due? Yes – But only on rare occasions. It can be due on the 1st or 15th. 99% of the time it will be due on the 1st, unless there is a good reason for the change.

Who is responsible for lawn maintenance? Tenants are responsible for lawn and landscaping maintenance.

Who is responsible for pest control? Tenants are responsible for pest control including insects and rodents.

Do you have properties on the Section 8 program? Yes. Typically all of our properties will pass the Section 8 inspection, but not all Owners are on the program. Also, you must shop within the value of your voucher. Rents are set and cannot be lowered.

Will I have full use of attic space and storage sheds? Not always. If the Owner is not allowing use of storage space, it will be disclosed in the property listing.

Can I install a storage shed? Not without permission from the Owner. If one is needed, please ask for it on your application, so we can get it approved prior to move-in.

Can I install a pool, swing set, or trampoline? Usually these items are not allowed because the presence of these items will void an insurance policy on rental homes.

For more information call the office at 334-291-1234